Another holiday season has come and gone. Actually, another whole decade has come and gone! While most new years give you an opportunity to start fresh and make changes in your life, 2021 feels a bit like a new year on steroids. 

Let’s pump up those resolutions, shall we?

Forget about the diet, the exercise, the weight loss — or at least push it aside. Commit to better home comfort through regular heating, cooling, and plumbing maintenance!

What’s that you say? Plumbing and HVAC maintenance doesn’t excite you? Well, allow your friends at Whipple Service Champions to list a few reasons why it should!

1. Your System is Old

Just like you, your pipes, furnace, and air conditioner have another year under their proverbial belts, and unless you upgraded those systems within the last 10 years, they need a little extra TLC to make sure they live long, productive lives. Water heaters tend to conk out around the 12-year mark, while furnaces and air conditioners will give you a good 15-20 years. These appliances aren’t cheap, and investing in proper maintenance now could spare you unexpected expenditures that don’t fit in your 2021 (or even 2022) budget!  

2. The Winter is Cold

Spring is still at least three months away, and you’ve got a lot of short days and long, cold nights to spend hibernating in your home before the seasons change. You should at least be able to enjoy maximum coziness and to truly relax and escape from the stressors of life while you wait. Having your plumbing and heating systems professionally maintained/tuned up will ensure your castle is comfortable and your water is hot and not leaking anywhere all winter long.

3. Your Health is at Stake 

Even the most diligent house cleaners can’t avoid living with dust, pet dander, and other indoor allergens circulating through the air in their homes. Those who neglect regular heating maintenance and never touch their air ducts make breathing easy even more…well, hard. With all the time you and your family spend indoors during the winter, you owe it to yourselves to freshen up the air, or rather, have one of our professional technicians do it for you.

4. This Resolution is Easy to Keep!

Most New Year’s resolutions fail, fading into the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” category by the time February rolls around. If you’ve struggled in the past to stick to your plans, we assure you that this year will be different.

Why? Because Whipple Service Champions offers an Annual Maintenance Program, giving members access to free plumbing and HVAC services and all the benefits illustrated in this infographic:

For more information about our Annual Maintenance Program, or to schedule your first maintenance appointment of 2021, contact Whipple Service Champions today. Happy New Year from your friends at Salt Lake City’s premier plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical and drain cleaning company!