Every modern home needs electricity, that is a given. However, with each new technology comes added responsibility. As your preferred service company in Utah, we at Whipple Service Champions are here to provide you with the proper electrical service to keep you and your family comfortable, entertained, and safe.

One of our primary electrical services is Surge protection. Let’s look at the basics of surge protection, and what it means for you in the home.


The operative element in any surge protection is voltage. This voltage is what creates a surge of electricity. A power surge is a brief, momentary over-voltage condition, or surge of high energy. There are several different situations that may cause a power surge, and many of them will be beyond control. Most electrical surges are harmless, but others are not. In extreme cases, surges can damage or even destroy equipment. This is why surge protectors are so important.

Types of Surge Protectors

In a general sense, there are two types of surge protectors: There are single, plug-in protectors and whole-home protectors (meant to service the main electrical line). Most people are more familiar with plug-in protectors – these are long power strips used to plug in important electronics, which then prevent surges from reaching these items. If needed, a plug-in protector will shut power off completely to the electronics, to protect them.

A whole-home solution is meant to protect the entire system in a similar manner, though both formats working together is recommended – whole-home solutions protect more against surges originating outside the home, where plug-ins protect against surges from within the home.

Is It Working?

Both forms of surge protectors have easy indicators so you can tell if they’re working properly. Plug-in protectors have basic lights to show functionality. Whole-house surge protectors will have LED lights on the side. These will indicate performance and any current issues.

If you are noticing frequent power-related issues, or think an item was damaged by a power surge, call the experts in electrical repair at Whipple Service Champions.

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