When it comes to choosing between a bath and a shower, this is mostly just an issue of personal preference. Some people like to sit down and relax, while others prefer to stand in the shower with a massaging stream of water.

Did you know, though, that which you choose can have a big impact on your water usage? At Whipple Service Champions, our plumbers have helped numerous clients reduce their water usage through a number of methods – here’s how shower and bath usage can play a role.

Bath Usage Vs. Shower Usage

Before we get into the specific numbers here, just remember that all scenarios are different. Some tubs might hold more water than others, and not all showers are the same length – a two-minute quickie won’t use the same amount of water as a long 10-minute shower. In addition, different showers have different heads that dispense at different speeds.

Keeping that information in mind, the average bathtub can hold about 35 gallons of water. In most cases, though, the average bath is actually using about 25 gallons – you have to account for the space the user takes up.

By comparison, the average showerhead shoots out 2.5 gallons of water per minute. So if you go by the averages, a single bath is roughly equivalent to the water usage of a 10-minute shower. If your showers are longer than this, showering is using more water than taking a bath. If not, then the bath is the higher-usage event.

How You Can Conserve

The simplest way to conserve here is by taking shorter showers, or by simply filling the bathtub up to a lower level when you bathe. There are other techniques too, however:

  • Showerhead: There are new, low-flow showerhead models out there that provide the same feel with much lower water usage. You can cut your usage from 2.5 gallons per minute to just over one gallon per minute while showering.
  • Leaks: Have all leaky faucets or pipes repaired by one of our plumbers, as this can save you money in multiple areas.

For more on conserving water in the bath or shower, or to learn about any of our residential plumbing services, speak to the pros at Whipple Service Champions today.