We all want to be green and environmentally conscious in our daily lives, but many areas of plumbing and general home maintenance offer few opportunities to do so. We need elements like heat, air conditioning and water to live, and it’s tough to find greener solutions in many of these areas.

One item that’s right up this alley, however, is the low-flow toilet. At Whipple, we’re a plumbing company with nearly 60 years of experience, and we’ve seen just how beneficial low-flow toilets can be for everything from the environment to your pocketbook. Why might a low-flow toilet be right for you?


It’s estimated that toilets account for about 30 percent of water usage in the average United States home, and low-flow toilets can significantly reduce that number without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Low-flow toilets use anywhere from 60 to 80 percent less water than a typical toilet.

Not only does this mean major environmental benefits, it means major benefits for your wallet. You’ll spend much less on the same quality service, money that can be better used elsewhere.


It’s a common myth to assume that a low-flow toilet won’t do the job as well as a conventional toilet. Many assume they’ll have to flush more often, and that the “savings” in water will eventually be made up through all these extra flushes.

Not only is this false, it’s the exact opposite of the truth – low-flow toilets are designed to drain more efficiently than their predecessors, which means they’re actually more effective on a per-flush basis than the typical toilet. Not only are you saving time and money, you’re getting a better and more efficient product. Instances of a clogged toilet will be far less frequent.

Design Adaptability

Worried about the cost and practical hassle of installing a new toilet in an already-complete bathroom? Don’t be.

For starters, Whipple offers competitive pricing that, when you factor in savings and efficiency, will effectively pay for itself more quickly than you might expect. More importantly, low-flush toilets are every bit the same as a normal toilet as far as dimensions and outward design – they’re only different on the inside, which makes installing a new one a breeze that doesn’t require any major household renovations.

Want to learn more about low-flow toilets or any of our other plumbing services? Whipple is an industry leading plumber servicing the Wasatch Front, and our experts are available today.

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