Basic drain maintenance is one of the most important plumbing considerations in any home, and at Whipple Service Champions, we’ve got you covered with several drain cleaning and inspection methods. One such method is called video drain line inspection.

How does video drain line inspection work, and how can it be beneficial for you? Here’s a basic primer.


Video drain line inspection involves placing a small mobile video camera inside your drain. The camera is mounted on a wheeled base that can then be manipulated from a control panel. Think of a radio-controlled toy car, but better.

The inspector guides the camera through the pipes, and it sends back images. While using this format, even the most remote areas of the system can be located – and damage that would be tough to identify specifically otherwise can be noted and repaired. This removes the need for large-scale excavations throughout the system to locate the issue, and drain cleaners can be applied in proper areas.

Common Problems Identified

Some of the most common issues that can be identified by video drain line inspection include:

  • Breaks and cracks: Often caused by shifts or changes in the soil around them. These issues can cause leaks and excess water loss.
  • Joint issues or seal damage: The video process allows the technician to see close-up views of connections and joints in pipes, plus seals in these areas.
  • Clogs: Due to buildup for various reasons.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots grow toward water and nutrition, so if even small leaks in your drainage system are present, they could cause roots to grow into the pipes and block the system.


  • Remote areas can be accessed and inspected with ease
  • The efficiency of standard maintenance is increased
  • Inspections don’t require digging or any excavations
  • Issues can be isolated without disruptive explorations to find the cause of issues
  • Maintenance costs can be reduced
  • Inspections can be recorded and documented in a more detailed way
  • Pipes of varying sizes can be inspected, all using the same equipment

To find out more about video drain line inspection, or any of our other plumbing services, speak to the experts at Whipple Service Champions today.

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