We handle all your plumbing needs at Whipple Service Champions, but we’re also in the business of providing you and your family with affordable heating and air services. The state of Utah fluctuates heavily between warm and cold during a given year, and you need high-quality solutions to keep things normal in your home.

As spring approaches, one of the lesser-known services we recommend for many homes is a whole house fan. A whole house fan is an exhaust system installed in your attic, designed to ventilate and circulate air throughout the entire home. It has several major benefits compared with traditional air conditioning systems – let’s look at a few.


A whole house fan works by drawing hot air from the home into the attic, then sending it outside using vents and replacing it with cooler air from outside. A whole-home fan works within minutes, generally much quicker than a typical central air conditioner will take to spread air to the entire home.

High Efficiency

Whole house fans are also much more efficient than a typical central air or AC unit. They’re friendlier on the environment and use far less electricity. Combine this with their ease of installation, and they make a lot of sense for many people.

Low Costs

There are multiple cost-related areas where a whole house fan is beneficial. First off, the actual operational costs are far lower – you’ll only spend about 10 to 25 percent of the money that you would on a traditional air conditioner.

Secondly, the fan itself is very inexpensive to purchase. It’s half the cost of a standard window air conditioner and 10x cheaper than a central air unit. As we mentioned, installation is easy and affordable.

Quiet and Beneficial

Modern whole house fan models operate very quietly, making them perfect for families during the night. They filter stale air from the home, a major benefit in some areas, and provide major ventilation benefits.

Interested in learning more about whole-house fans, or any other element of our electrical or plumbing services? The experts at Whipple Service Champions are here to assist you.

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