Earthquakes can damage sewer and water lines, leading to leaks in your home. If a line was already damaged before an earthquake, the danger of serious damage becomes greater. Gas lines, which are more rigid than water lines, can be disconnected from their connection points and cause fires.

These problems may not reveal themselves right away and there are certain areas of your home you should be checking.

Inside Your Home

  1. Look for any damp spots on your walls or floor.
  2. Listen for leaking or dripping in your walls and pay careful attention to the water pressure in your various faucets.
  3. Check for bubbling and gurgling from your toilet.
  4. Check your water meter without using any water in the home. Then check the meter again. If the amount has changed, then you might have a leak somewhere.

Outside Your Home

  1. Walk along your sewer line and examine it for any leaks.
  2. Keep an eye on your yard the next few days and watch for puddles, wet spots, unexplained plant growth, bad smells or pest.

If you are worried about potential, undetected damage in your home, give Whipple Service Champions a call. We’ll give your home and yard a full inspection and fix any problems you may have with your pipes.