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5 Common Problems with Furnaces

A furnace is an essential system to keep your indoor temperatures at comfortable levels. You will hardly notice that the system is operating in the background if it has no issues. Though the furnace is designed to have a long and efficient lifespan, something could easily malfunction along the way. In most cases, our technicians with their vast knowledge of heating repair services will fix the problem quickly.

Understanding some common furnace problems will help homeowners troubleshoot and know what should be fixed in their furnace system. Here are a few common issues.

1. Furnace Is Making Weird Noises

Any furnace will produce some noise as it operates, and this is completely normal. You might hear a whooshing noise as air passes through the ductwork. Additionally, the blower produces relatively low noise.

However, some strange noises can be a sign that there is something wrong with the furnace. If the furnace is making a rattling noise, that indicates something is loose and needs tightening. Also, if the furnace is making a loud rumbling noise, that is a sign some fuel could have been left in the combustion chamber. At this point, you should turn off your furnace and call your preferred option for heating repair services.

2. The Thermostat Is Not Functioning

A malfunctioning thermostat is often reflected through several signs. It could show inaccurate readings that result in a blank readout, or the furnace could even run continuously. Therefore, it is daunting for a standard homeowner to find out the exact problem.

We would advise you to turn off the system and ensure it is in the correct setting. Refer to the user manual. If the problem persists, it is likely best to call a local professional.

3. Dirt in The Furnace Filter

This is one of the most frequent problems and causes a gas heating system to not operate at peak efficiency. You can easily tell when the filter is dirty. A dirty filter could be the culprit regarding a couple of issues with your furnace. Dirt can make the filter switch on and off too often, produce a little amount of heat or fail to function at all.

Homeowners should be sure to clean their filters regularly (every 2-3 months) to prevent common furnace problems.

4. Blower Is Running Continuously

If the blower is constantly running, that could indicate two problems. It could either be an issue with the limit switch or the room thermostat. Check whether the thermostat is set to “on”. If it is set to “on,” switch it to “off” or “auto.” You may also need to adjust the limit switch.

Refer to your system’s respective manual to adjust the limit switch, or if you need heating repair services, give Whipple Service Champions a call.

5. The Furnace Won’t Turn On

One of the worst scenarios you can experience with your furnace is when it refuses to turn on at all. Several issues can cause your furnace to not turn on. If the fuel supply is interrupted or the condensate reservoir is full, your system will not turn on and this will result in lowered efficiency. If your system is struggling or failing to turn on, do not try to repeatedly start your system.

Whether you are experiencing issues with your furnace blowing cold air, running non-stop, or not running at all, the professionals at Whipple Service Champions are here to help. Give our team a call for any Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, or Drain issue this Winter season. Online booking is available here!