Particularly in a dry state like Utah, dust is a significant issue for many homeowners. No one wants too much dust present in the house, and if there’s an abundance of it, it can even contribute to significant appliance and efficiency issues.

At Whipple Service Champions, we’re here to help. Did you know that issues with your HVAC system are sometimes to blame for too much dirt in the home? Here are some of the top HVAC-related causes of dust, plus how our air conditioner service can help.

Plugging Up Leaks

In many cases, the primary cause of excessive dust in the home is a leaking duct somewhere in the HVAC system. These can form due to basic wear and tear, or due to defects in installation or workmanship. If left for too long, these can lead to major dust areas in the attic and basement. In addition, this dust bypasses your HVAC filter.

To help with this, look at all your visible vents for dust buildup. If you see any, you might be able to pinpoint their location by turning off the lights and using a flashlight to view the flow of dust particles in the air. Small enough leaks can be plugged with duct tape, while larger ones will need attention from one of our heating and air pros.


Another big reason why dust can accumulate in the home is due to a faulty or worn-out filter in the HVAC system. Consider replacing yours more often, or also think about a filter with a higher MERV rating that will capture smaller particles.

Smart Dusting

When you’re actively dusting areas of your home, here’s a good trick to limit the dust that remains: Turn the fan on your thermostat to “On” while you dust (make sure you have a clean furnace filter first). This air circulation will kick much of the dust into the furnace filter, which will filter it out of the home. Then simply turn the fan back to “Auto” when you’re done.


Dry climates like the Utah desert are conducive to dust, and a good way to combat this in the home is to create some moisture or humidity. Beyond sealing ductwork, as we mentioned above, consider a good humidifier in the home or simply in various rooms where dust is an issue.

For more on preventing dust buildups caused by HVAC-related factors, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the pros at Whipple Service Champions today.