Houses where a lot of hot water is used, families often turn up the temperature on their water heaters far beyond the recommended 120 degrees or other recommended settings that are the safest. Turning your water heater up too high can lead to scalding. Youngsters and elderly folks are at risk of being severely injured.

Installing an anti-scalding device In circumstances like these is an easy and cost effective way to remove the risk.

Scalding Hot Facts

  • Hot water scalds are responsible for at least 20% of burns
  • 2,000 or more American children are medically treated for scalds every year
  • Accidents happen most commonly in bathroom and kitchen areas. These situations are easy to avoid.
  • The shock of a scalding burn can cause falls, broken bones, and even heart attacks, especially for the elderly.
  • Along with scalding, burns are the most expensive treatments involving lengthy hospital stays, plastic surgery, and especially skin grafts.
  • In most states in the U.S. today, it is mandatory to have some measure for anti-scald mechanisms included in building code.