Summer has wrapped up and it’s time to think about getting your furnace ready for the cold days and nights ahead.  It is essential you don’t neglect the regular maintenance of your furnace to avoid problems in the future. Without a yearly cleaning and inspection, your system can disperse carbon monoxide into your home, wear itself out quickly, or even stop working.

Neglecting Furnace Maintenance Results:

High Energy Bills:

The less your furnace has to work, the more money you will save on your energy bills.  During the summer, your furnace collects dirt and dust that can force your furnace to work a lot harder than is necessary, costing you more on your energy bills and wearing your system out.  Getting your system tuned up annually before the start of the heating system will help prevent future problems that may produce high energy bills.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

Most gas furnaces produce small amounts of carbon monoxide which exits your home through the venting.  A dirty or inefficient furnace can produce deadly amounts of carbon monoxide.  This gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless.  A tune-up from one of our certified technicians will reduce the risk of carbon monoxide in your home by checking the following:

  • Improper ventilation
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Cracks in the combustion chamber
  • Gas pressure

Life Span Shortened:

Since the components of your furnace are complex, even a minor glitch can go undetected.  This can lessen the lifespan of your furnace and may cause other problems.  Replacing your furnace can be expensive. That is why it is mandatory to keep your furnace running smoothly with annual maintenance.


  • Change your filters regularly.  This will help your system burn more efficiently and regulate dust moving throughout your home.
  • Don’t close more than 20% of the vents in your home.  This can cause the furnace to work harder.
  • Keep the burner area and the area around your furnace clean.  This can ensure that dust and dirt don’t get inside of your furnace.
  • Don’t have any combustible material near your furnace or vent pipe.

An annual tune-up by a certified HVAC technician will ensure lower energy bills, efficient heating, lower the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, and increase the lifespan of your furnace.  Give us a call at 801-444-FAST to schedule your tune-up today.