During the day-to-day operation of our systems, a little bit of racket is fairly normal. With that being said, there are other sounds that could indicate a malfunction. Whenever these sounds are heard, we recommend reaching out to the professionals at Whipple Service Champions as soon as possible. Let’s review the main sounds that could indicate any upcoming problems.


Most furnace systems operate based on fans to move air throughout any given building. These fans, in turn, operate with spinning bearings, that are oiled to prevent any wear down from the constant friction. If these bearings fail, a loud grinding sound and the accompanying failed bearings can be heard prominently. If this is heard, we recommend calling sooner rather than later, as it’s much more costly to replace a burned-out motor than it is worn-down bearings.


Are you hearing what sounds like muted thuds or booms coming from your system? The most likely culprit is something clogging your burner assembly. This is rather common as particles build up in the jets rapidly over time, and without proper maintenance, can eventually start causing these noises, and possibly clog your system entirely. A quick maintenance call is usually enough to do the trick.

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