Winter is coming fast, and you will need to be ready! From all of us here at Whipple Service Champions, here are some tips that will help you get a head start on making sure that your furnace is ready to keep your whole family cozy this season!

First things first. Make sure it works! It has likely been a few months since you have kicked it on, and the logical first step is to turn your thermostat up and see if it works. Listen for the heat flaring up after about a minute. If you can’t hear it, check and make sure the connections are attached correctly. When the leads have malfunctioned, it will be obvious. If they are connected but it isn’t firing up, call a professional.

Our next tip is to ensure your air filters are clean! You should be changing them every  30-90 days. Changing them often maximizes the filter’s ability to give you clean and fresh air in the home. Also, if you have a permanent filter installed, be sure to clean it as directed! Keeping these filters clean is a small but powerful quality of life change that will keep your home feeling brand new all winter long!

When it comes to cleaning, another powerful tool at your disposal is to clean the motor of your furnace. (Only if required, and be sure to take advice at the discretion of your model/motor). Cleaning out the motor and removing all the built-up grime and dust inside will strengthen the effects of the clean filter. Pushing more clean air going through both the motor and filter, and ultimately through your entire home. Be sure to clean each rotor, and get all of the dust out of the bearings and their cover(s). If you see an oily build up in your motor, then it is likely time to call a professional to get a tune-up!

Next up, when dealing with anything gas or heat-related, it is always a good idea to test your Carbon Monoxide detectors. These are critical for the safety of you and everyone in the home, and it is always a good idea to make sure they are operational and ready to perform at peak ability. Be sure to get your detectors tested often. If you live in a home that has a chimney, it is a very good idea to clear it out this time of year. Chimneys can likely house nasty pests like rats, raccoons, mice, and other things like birds who are all looking for a warm place to call home. Carbon monoxide build-up can also take place in chimneys, and this is another safety hazard that you will need to fix at your earliest convenience. Be sure to get them professionally cleaned at least once a year and keep those smokestacks looking brand new!

Additional things that should be done periodically, but only by a licensed professional are things like testing the igniter switch, re-igniting the pilot light, swapping out your heat exchanger, and (in the case of oil-based systems) replacing oil filters.

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