If you’ve been struggling with a clogged drain or pipe, you’ve likely heard the term “hydro jetting” from your plumber. Like anyone hearing that for the first time, chances are you felt dismissive or skeptical about it.

Nonetheless, this could easily be the one service you need for a permanent solution to your blocked drains. When this service is done by a professional, you can enjoy surprising benefits.

Here’s how hydro jetting works, and why you need it.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

If your drains are clogged, there are several ways your plumber can clear and clean them. They may use plumbing augers or hydro jetting. Since plumbing snakes are classic, many plumbers prefer using hydro jetting; it’s more sustainable.

During the process of hydro jetting, your plumber scours the interior of your pipes with high-pressure water. As the water passes through the pipes, it carries away scale, grease, and other debris that could be creating the blockage.

As you can expect, this method can reliably clear stubborn debris in your pipes or drain.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Your plumber can’t perform this method unless they’re experienced and skilled. They have to use water at a pressure that is roughly 35,000 psi (pounds per square inch). This works very effectively at cleaning clogged sewage lines. What does the cleaning process look like?

When they first get to your home, your plumber has to conduct a video inspection so they can determine the likely cause of the problem and its exact location. The video inspection is also important to avoid any chances of backflushing the sewage into other places.

Once they complete the inspection, they feed a self-propelled nozzle into the drain or pipe. This component then blasts water into the pipe at a very high pressure to remove the blockages.

Under normal circumstances, a plumbing system is made to use gravity to unclog pipes. However, the tools used in the hydro jetting technique work from the bottom up.

The plumber inserts the nozzle into the downstream section of your system; as a result, the pressured water has to move upward while scouring the pipes and dislodging debris. All these substances then move downward by gravity and get flushed out of your home safely.

In case the blockage is being caused by the roots of a nearby tree, your plumbing will have to use a snake to tear them up, particularly if the roots are too thick for the water to tear through.

Your plumber needs to be very professional to ensure the technique doesn’t break any weak areas of the pipes. High-pressure water can easily damage pipes if it’s not conducted professionally. You have to make sure you’re working with an experienced plumber to deliver the most fitting water pressure for the blocked pipes or drain.

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Using hydro jetting can benefit you in many ways. First, this method doesn’t use any chemicals. Store-bought drain cleaners usually contain harmful chemicals that tend to eat away pipes. Hydro jetting ensures your pipes remain sturdy because it’s chemical-free.

Secondly, hydro jetting provides long-lasting results. Instead of chasing a clog incessantly, this creates more consistently clear and clean drains. This method is particularly effective because it:

  • Breaks up the accumulated sludge and debris
  • Emulsifies thick grease
  • Works in all sizes and types of pipes
  • Pulverizes standard-sized roots fast
  • Flushes out the entire system
  • Removes the dangerous blockages

Safety of Hydro Jetting

This process is very safe for your pipes. If it’s conducted by a trained and experienced plumbing expert, hydro jetting can eliminate the debris in your pipes or drains safely and effectively.

This is important because it helps with the flow of water and waste, and extends the life of your pipes. Since your system will become more efficient, you can also expect your lower water bills.

If you want a non-invasive pipe cleaning method that removes dirt as well as bacteria and bad odors that may be coming from your pipes and drains, this is definitely the best method for you.

Lastly, according to ResearchGate, this high-pressure water cleaning technology is very effective at eliminating pipeline blockages.

Based on the study they conducted on the application of high-pressure water in pipeline cleaning, it’s clear that this method doesn’t result in common surface defects, such as scratches, pits, and thinning of the walls of the pipes. This makes it ideal for your home’s plumbing system.

What Hydro Jetting Can Eliminate

The process of hydro jetting can remove many types of debris that build up in pipes over time. Your plumber can recommend it if your blockage is caused by hair, sand, scale, or food particles.

You have to understand that snaking works by breaking up the clogs; this means it may leave scale on the pipe walls. On the other hand, hydro jetting leaves the entire piping system clean. This means hydro jetting is a great method for the tough blockage problems that standard snakes can’t solve.

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