Is the heat of Summer weighing down on your bills? We’ve got you covered! We have compiled a list of ways to take the pressure off your bills this summer!

Smart Thermostats:

The first and arguably best method of keeping your bills and temperature low is to invest in a smart thermostat. The evolution of technology combined with all of its innovative uses through the cloud makes this option a money-saving powerhouse. Many of these smart thermostats come standard with features like Wi-Fi-enabled adjustments, pattern-based learning, and smart home connectivity.

To the average person, this just sounds like tech jargon but, in reality, it means this smart little device can learn what temperature you prefer, control different aspects of your home, and avoid wasting energy when no one is present. Certain models can even provide you with a report of your energy history to show you how much energy you burn through and why.

Utilize your Ceiling Fan:

Ceiling fans can seem almost useless during the summertime, doing nothing more than blowing hot air in your face. This couldn’t be further from the truth. By utilizing the correct setting for your fan, it can pull the hot air upward and away from you. This trick comes standard on almost every fan available these days, but many homes fail to use it. To learn how to access this, consult your owner’s manual or look for your model online. Cooling your house down while taking the load off your air conditioner? That is a win-win.

Get an AC Tune-Up:

The benefits of AC Tune-ups are often overlooked by homeowners. These inspections can be taken care of by an HVAC company in your area and the benefits you reap for a small inspection makes this option a no-brainer. Tune-ups and filter replacements mean your system doesn’t have to work as hard to provide you with the same cooling effects. Less power means less money out of your pocket.

Energy Efficient Equipment:

Random outlets of your home can be costing you money every month without your knowledge. How much energy from your AC or Furnace is flying out the window without you thinking twice? How many of your home’s windows are energy efficient and sealed properly? Correcting these issues will be the costliest method on this list, but over the course of just a few years, it will pay itself off indefinitely. Consider replacing your old windows with high-efficiency rated windows. By doing this, you will accomplish multiple goals with one stroke. Highly rated windows can save you several hundred dollars annually. Properly sealed windows and doors can save you thousands over the course of just a couple of years.

An additional option would be investing in blackout/energy-saving blinds for your home’s windows. Windows struck by direct sunlight are detrimental to your home’s cooling efforts. If your windows suffer from this problem, consider this option.

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