Why is Maintenance Important?

Just like we get the oil in our car changed, tires rotated, and belts replaced in our cars to ensure a longer life; it is important that we do the same for our HVAC units. Cleaning condenser coils, filters, blower wheels, belts etc. of our HVAC systems can lead to a longer life.

Even though there are some maintenance steps that you can take, like regularly changing filters, it’s best to have a qualified HVAC technician to tune-up your system.  A qualified technician will be familiar with your equipment and will check and clean your system as well as troubleshoot for potential problems.

There are several reasons you should consider tuning up your furnace and air-conditioning units on a regular basis.  First, it’s a safety precaution.  If your heating and AC equipment isn’t taken care of, cleaned, adjusted when needed, and tested, you won’t know that a problem is going to happen until it happens.

Tune-ups and regular maintenance can also reduce the annual cost of running your heating and AC units.  Your units will run more efficiently, and for a longer span of time.