We’re very close to a point where winter is in full swing, and at Whipple Plumbing, that means we’re here to help you and your family prepare for the cold season. One important HVAC area to consider during the winter is air quality – you’ll be breathing more air indoors and have less access to fresh air during the winter, so keeping quality high in the home is more important than ever.

There are a number of ways you can go about improving your home air quality. Let’s look at a few.

Registers and Vents

All air in your home blows through HVAC registers and vents, and they’ll inevitably build up dust and dirt over time. A flexible duster or the want attachment on your vacuum make it simple and easy to clean these, and this will prevent dust in the home.


You should check and replace your air filters throughout the year, but it’s particularly important during the winter. People and pets spend more time indoors during winter, shedding more skin cells and hair that will fill the filter up faster.

Ceiling Fan Blades

Just like with vents, ceiling fan blades can build up dust and dirt – and can help circulate it. While you’re cleaning these, reverse your ceiling fan direction so it turns clockwise. This will create an updraft, which helps circulate warm air through the home and may allow you to lower your energy bill.

Turn Fan On

When your fan runs, your indoor air is always being filtered and will have higher quality. You will likely see an increase in your monthly bill, however, and the wear-and-tear on your system will also be increased.

UV Disinfection

If you want to really get top-notch air quality, consider installing UV disinfection systems throughout your ductwork. These systems remove toxic gasses, odors, germs, bacteria and viruses using low-voltage UV light.

Professional Duct Cleaning

Finally, if you’re having issues with air quality that you can’t solve, call our professionals. The worst accumulation of dust is often in places you can’t see, and we can reach tough areas with our equipment.

For more on HVAC winter concerns, or for heating repair services, speak to the pros at Whipple Plumbing today.