At Whipple Service Champions, we’re your first stop for residential drain cleaning services. Everything from minor leak issues to major sewage line clogs are issues we’ve seen before, and we know how to correct your issue in an affordable and speedy manner.

When dealing with clogged drains, there are a few precautions you can take around the home or office to prevent the need for our emergency drain cleaning services. Let’s look at a few brief tips you can use to hold off that next big drain clog.

Drain Usage

One of the first steps to pass to everyone around a given home or building is correct drain usage. Your drains are meant for certain things, but more importantly, they’re not meant for certain others – for instance, the garbage disposal drain can handle scraps of food and many softer items, but it’s not meant for bulkier items, or any grease or fat deposits.

These items can damage both the disposal and the drain itself. Make sure you’re only putting the proper items down a given drain, and ask the pros at Whipple Service Champions if you’re unsure about what can go down a certain drain.

Cleaning Products

Using cleaning products for the drain is good, but you want to choose the right ones. Too many harsh chemicals can damage pipes over time, and even the septic system in some cases. Natural cleaners are the preference here – not only do they provide the same level of cleaning, but they also provide positive bacteria that helps kill negative particles building in drains.

Hot Water Treatment

A great way to keep your sink drain in good shape over time is to pour some hot water down it after every significant meal or dish cleanup. This prevents grease and fat from building in the walls of the drain. With the toilet, don’t worry as much about the heat of the water, but flush the system out after filling the bowl at least halfway once every few weeks. This will help clear any minor deposits in the toilet drain.

Pro Inspection

We also recommend our annual maintenance program, which includes free drain cleaning once a year. We’ll get our experts in to look at every inch of your drain systems, and ensure everything is working in the ways it should be.

For more information on drain cleaners or any of our other plumbing services, speak to the experts at Whipple Service Champions.

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