Nearly everyone knows where some of the most basic plumbing fixtures in the home or business are. We all know where to wash dishes, bathe or brush our teeth once we’ve lived or worked somewhere for a little while.

Fewer people, however, know where certain more specific pipes and other plumbing elements are located in a given home or business. Knowing where some of your most important fixtures are will allow you to more effectively troubleshoot for issues and keep an eye out for potential problems. Here are some of the basics, courtesy of Whipple Plumbing, your top provider in residential and commercial plumbing services.


Much of the plumbing in many bathrooms will be located under fixtures and behind walls, meaning it won’t be as visible as some other areas of the home or business. The sink’s supply and waste pipes will be located underneath a cabinet or vanity. The toilet will sit atop their own waste drain, and these are connected to a water supply line located on the wall directly behind the toilet itself. Finally, showers and bathtubs have drainage pipes underneath them, plus plumbing that runs from the water fixture into the wall, where it’s hidden.


Most plumbing in the kitchen will be located in cabinets underneath the kitchen sink. This will include sink supply and waste pipes, plus a second set of supply and waste pipes that connect from the sink to the dishwasher. Finally, there will also be a cold water supply line that leads to the ice maker in your refrigerator. Check under the sink periodically for leaks, as most of this plumbing will connect at this central point.


Basements often house visible pipes that run throughout the room, often down walls and along the ceiling. Water heaters and most laundry fixtures are usually in the basement. For anyone with a finished basement, plumbing will be more covered in many cases.

For more on the location of important plumbing fixtures in your home or business, or if you’re in need of our plumbers for any reason, contact the pros at Whipple Plumbing.

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