Mold can occur anywhere in the home if the conditions are right, but due to its properties, the bathroom is easily the most common location in which it’s found. At the same time, mold growth isn’t always obvious, and may be present for a long time before you realize it – and can be difficult to get rid of.

We’re here to help at Whipple Plumbing, where our professionals have years of experience dealing with all levels of bathroom and plumbing mold. Here are some basics on what causes mold, how you can get rid of it, and how you can prevent it from ever forming at all.

Mold Causes

There are a few potential causes of mold in the bathroom:

  • Excessive moisture that builds up in the bathroom due to lack of proper ventilation
  • Leaky plumbing fixtures and pipes causing undue water buildup
  • Constant presence of damp items like towels, rugs, wallpaper, curtains and more

Removal Tips

Some basic areas to consider in terms of removing mold:

  • All surfaces with even traces of mold should be cleaned with bleach or hydrogen peroxide
  • Check bathroom caulking – if you find mold growth, remove that section and replace it with new caulking
  • Keep windows open during mold removal to help dry out moisture and provide fresh air for the bathroom
  • If you have large areas of mold, these should be handled by our professionals. Disturbed mold can spread further and be dangerous to inhale

Prevention Tricks

Here are some tips to prevent mold from growing in the bathroom in the first place:

  • Always use the ventilation fan in the bathroom before a shower or a bath. Have a fan installed if your bathroom doesn’t have one
  • Open the window or leave the bathroom door cracked while showering to allow steam to escape
  • Buy a mildew-resistant shower curtain and wash it regularly
  • Avoid keeping shampoo, conditioner a soap bottles in the shower – mold can grow beneath these
  • Wash towels, rugs and other bathroom fabrics frequently to keep them from being damp

For more on how to prevent and remove mold in the bathroom, or to find out about any of our other residential or commercial plumbing services, speak to the pros at Whipple Plumbing today.

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