When it comes to mold in the home, the bathroom is one of the most common locations where it can be found. There are a few different types of mold, and all of them can grow in moisture-heavy areas like various home bathrooms.

At Whipple Service Champions, our plumbers are here to help if you ever deal with mold issues in your bathroom or on plumbing fixtures. A lot of the prevention of mold, however, comes back to simply being aware of what causes it and avoiding those conditions – with that in mind, here are some of the primary causes of mold in the bathroom that you should be looking to avoid.

Wet Areas and Moisture

As we noted above, mold growth is at its largest in moist, wet areas that collect this moisture. As the bathroom is one of the areas of the home that has the most general moisture in it, this is a common occurrence in this area of the home.

One of the common culprits here is a leaking pipe, which can often go unnoticed in areas like under the sink. Inspect your plumbing fixtures regularly for any such leaks, and be sure to clean them regularly. In addition, things like avoiding wet towels being left on the floor – or really anything that helps remove sitting moisture – will help as well.

Ventilation Problems

We’re all used to there being a bit of steam in the room after a hot shower, but if this is to an extreme degree where there’s major condensation on your walls after every shower, you’re risking mold growth. To fight this, consider turning on your exhaust fan during or after showers. In addition, you can open doors and windows to keep ventilation strong.

Grout Issues

Tiles in your bathroom, especially those in the shower, are regularly exposed to wear and tear and can wear down over time. When this happens, cracks and chips in the tile can become breeding grounds for extra moisture and mold growth. It’s important to replenish your grout about once every six months to avoid this.

For more on preventing mold growth in the bathroom, or to learn about any of our other plumbing repair services, speak to the pros at Whipple Service Champions today.