The air we breathe indoors is vital, and many people don’t realize the factors that may lead to contaminants in this air. In particular, they don’t think about how items like the air conditioner – meant to help avoid these issues – can actually contribute to them.

One of these formats is through dirty or contaminated air ducts. That air has to get from the air conditioning unit to the rest of the home, and the paths by which it does so can become dusty, dirty, and otherwise contaminated, leading to bad air quality. Courtesy of Whipple Service Champions, here are some signs your air ducts might need serious cleaning.


If you ever begin to notice small clouds of dust popping out of your vents every time the AC turns on, this can be an early sign that you need a cleaning. It means your ducts are full of various dirt and debris items that have built up over time, and this dirt is being pushed into your air when the air conditioning turns on.

For many people, this can aggravate allergy or asthma symptoms. In many situations, it can also lead to higher energy bills due to the system working harder to push past the dust. In some cases, this is caused by nothing more than a dirty filter, but in others, it can indicate clogs or leaks in ducts that require professional service.


If you see mold on your vents, it’s likely to present in even greater quantities inside your ducts. Mold exposure can lead to several significant health complications, and it commonly grows when moisture is present. Leaky and poorly insulated ducts can lead to mold, as can condensation pans that aren’t working properly.


An insect or rodent infestation is another common cause of dirt in the ducts, and if this is the case, noise and droppings will likely alert you. Infestations and their feces bring health concerns, and they can spread into many parts of your home. If you notice these, call an exterminator right away, and then call us at Whipple to get a comprehensive duct cleaning.

For more information on spotting duct issues, or on any of our services, speak to the experts at Whipple Service Champions today.

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