At Whipple Service Champions, we’re proud to provide the highest quality plumbing repair services available. Our staff can help you identify harmful issues within your system, and can help with all repairs or replacements that become necessary.

In many cases, simple age and wear and tear are what necessitate various plumbing repairs. Here are some possible signs that your old plumbing needs repairs or replacements.

Water Clarity

Water is meant to be clear, even within the plumbing system. Anytime you open a faucet or toilet and notice water that is any other color, this could be a concern.

Water that’s tinted a darker brown generally signals corrosion taking place within the piping system. As water moves through this system, it can pick up and carry rust that’s inside the pipes. Not only is this water dangerous, but the pipes carrying it are more likely to be full of sediment and mineral deposits – these can lead to major clog issues, and increase your risk of a burst pipe due to pressure that builds up.

Water Odor

Water should also be fairly neutral when it comes to smell, so if you start to notice a consistent foul odor, this is a problem. A negative smell in your water likely means a buildup of bacteria inside your pipes, which can lead to a need for replacement in certain important areas. A common smell here is rotten eggs, but others are possible as well.

Mold or Water Damage

As long as you get leaks repaired in a timely fashion, there won’t be any additional issues. However, some leaks are tougher to locate – they may be behind walls or in hidden areas. In these cases, you may not notice leaks until it’s too late, and mold or water damage may have appeared. If you notice any brown water stains or mold near plumbing fixtures, this could be a telltale sign that it’s time for a change.

For more on signs that your plumbing needs repair, or for any of our residential or commercial plumbing repair services, speak to the pros at Whipple Service Champions today.

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