Whether you’re a home owner or business manager, one of your largest plumbing considerations over the life of your building will be water damage. Whether through leaks, cracks or faulty plumbing, water damage repair is one of the most common calls we get at Whipple Plumbing.

One of the best ways to prevent major costs from water damage? Recognize it early. The sooner you spot the signs of damage, the sooner we can get our expert plumbers in there and resolve the issue before it gets worse. Let’s look at some of the telltale signs of water damage to keep an eye out for.


If you have visible piping, it’s a good idea to check it every now and then. The main thing you’re looking for is rust around the connections or elbows, and especially any leaks you may fine. A water heater leak, or a leak from pipes near the water heater, is another indicator.

In the bathroom, inspect the caulking around fixtures like the sink and shower – if any is missing or wearing down, this could signal to you that water is leaking through the caulking. Down similar lines, another common sign of water present is mold or grout.

Basement and Attic

Water naturally flows downward with gravity, so the basement tends to be a common water damage location. Mold, mildew and rust are frequent signs, and pooling water often gives off a damp odor. You’re looking for these same elements in the attic – often caused by leaking roof or insulation fixtures, which you’ll want to check carefully if you find any water.

Walls and Floors

In many cases, visible signs of water damage will appear on the walls and floors. Windows and door frames are also common locations, often from leaky pipes. Water will form cracks on drywall, or swelling and general softness – if you notice any of these, or warping on your floors, it’s probably time to call in the experts.

Want to learn more about water damage repair, or any of our other plumbing services? The plumbers at Whipple Plumbing are awaiting your call.

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