As the weather continues to get warmer and warmer and summer is around the corner, your trusty electricians at Whipple Plumbing are here to remind you that this time of year should also come with a few safety precautions. Summer is a time when kids are outdoors and playing more often, and this naturally means that a few precautions should be taken surrounding various electronics both inside and outside the home.

What are some of these precautions? Here’s a simple list.


Explain the following to your family so everyone, particularly younger family members, know any dangers associated with these areas:

  • Power lines: Never play near or touch a power line with anything, even a separate object. Assume that power lines are live and dangerous at all times no matter what. Never approach downed power lines, and immediately report them to your local utility company. Never throw shoes or any other items onto power lines, and never attempt to retrieve items hanging on a power line.
  • Utility poles: For children, never climb or play around utility poles. For people of all ages, never post signs or flyers on utility poles, as this can endanger both you and utility workers.
  • Toys: For airborne toys like kites or model aircraft, ensure these are used in wide open spaces far from power lines.
  • Trees: Kids should never climb trees near power lines, even if they’re not directly touching. You can talk to your local utility about trimming or removing trees that are a danger.
  • Weather: Take precautions against lightning strikes if weather is imminent, including staying indoors during major storms.


  • Water: Keep all electrical toys and appliances away from water. Don’t touch any toys or electrical appliances if you’re wet or standing in water. Make sure all electrical connections to any pools or hot tubs are fully grounded.
  • Plugs: For major appliances like dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators and others, make sure these are plugged into grounded outlets and not extension cords.
  • Make sure safer FGCI outlets are installed in all potentially wet areas of the home.
  • Know where your circuit breaker is in case of emergency.
  • Never plug in an appliance with a frayed or damaged cord.

For more tips on safety around electrical wiring or appliances, or to find out about any of our plumbing or electrical services, speak to the experts at Whipple Plumbing today.

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