Your water heater has a big job. It keeps you comfortable during a bath or shower, ensures your laundry is sanitized and helps you keep the dishes grease-free. If you find yourself in a situation in which your water heater isn’t working properly, it might be time for a new water heater installation. At Whipple Plumbing in Salt Lake City, we’ve got the solutions you’re looking for.

Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Not sure you should have a new water heater installed? The following are some signs that may indicate your old utility is on its way out.

  • The water heater is greater than 12 years old.

  • Your hot water lasts a shorter amount of time each time you turn it on.

  • The hot water coming out of your faucet is discolored.

  • Your water heater “pops” when someone turns on a hot water faucet.

  • The utility seems to be leaking, possibly with water appearing on the floor or walls.

  • The exterior is beginning to rust.

If you notice any of these signs, we may be able to repair the appliance after a thorough inspection, but it might also require a replacement. Multiple signs typically indicate you just need a replacement, to begin with.

How Much a New Water Heater Costs

If you’re worried about water heater installation costs, don’t be! Our products are the best in the industry and come with a warranty. We also guarantee our work so you’ll never be dissatisfied with shoddy workmanship. With upfront prices in writing, you’ll always know exactly what sort of payment we’ll expect once the job is complete. Speak with a service representative about financing options!
What’s more, is Whipple Plumbing offers 24/7 services at no extra charge. We understand you can’t plan for the water heater to die during business hours. If it’s late in the evening on a cold winter day and your entire family needs to shower when the water heater finally kills over, we can typically have a service professional to your home in just a short amount of time.

Deciding Which Water Heater to Have Installed

There are a variety of different water heaters including tankless, gas and electric. They also come in a variety of sizes. How do you know what to choose for hot water heater installation? Our experts will help walk you through the particulars, but the following are some things to consider.

  • Capacity

    Not every family needs a large water tank and not every family can enjoy life with a small water tank. After conducting a test that determines capacity, we can show you how much hot water you actually use and which size would be best for your situation.

  • Cost

    Each type of water heater is a little different in purchase cost, as well as in cost to operate. You should speak with a representative about both so you get an overall idea of how much you’ll be paying for your new utility.

  • Efficiency

    The efficiency of a water heater is measured by Energy Factor. This gives consumers a look at how energy efficient an appliance is. A higher EF utility may have a lower operating cost, though it might cost more initially. A lower EF utility may cost more to operate but could have a lower installation cost.

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Having access to hot water is essential, as it’s estimated the average household in the U.S. uses anywhere from 45-65 gallons of it each day. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient water heater installation from professionals with experience, you have come to the right place. Contact Whipple Plumbing in Salt Lake City today at 801-355-4433 and let’s figure out your situation.