Imagine you are having a completely normal day, then, unexpectedly, a plumbing emergency occurs. Oh no! You need to control the issue before it gets out of control. If you are not familiar with your plumbing or don’t know what steps to take next, this can be stressful. 

Your friends at Whipple Service Champions are here to help! Always remember to remain calm and follow these simple steps to make sure your plumbing problems are resolved swiftly and effectively:

Call An Emergency Plumber

Even if you have an idea of where the problem developed, it is crucial to call your local emergency plumber to guide you through what you should do next. When you call a plumber, they can provide you with information and instructions to help make sure no more damage happens to your home. 

You should make sure you call dependable, highly trained professionals who are there to help you. An emergency can happen at any time of the day or night. That’s why Whipple Service Champions offers after-hours plumbing in SLC and the surrounding areas for your convenience. 

Shut Off Your Water

This is an essential step because you don’t want water damage in your home. If there is a leak in your pipes, you want to turn off your water supply by shutting the valves off. It’s a good idea to turn off the main water supply near your water meter. 

You can also turn off the water heater if this is the source of the problem and you know how to operate the appliance. This can be a more significant plumbing issue, so it is important to get an emergency plumber to your home if you don’t know how to work your water heater.

Try to Remove Clogs 

Is a stubborn clog causing water to back up through your drains? After turning off your water valve, there still can be leftover resting water in your pipes. Drain the water out by opening an outdoor spigot or turning on your hose to avoid contributing to the problem any further. 

If there is a massive clog hiding in your drains, don’t use regular store-bought chemical products. Use a plunger or handheld snake to break up as much of the clog as possible, or wait for an emergency plumber to arrive. 

Clean Up Small Leaks

During a plumbing emergency, it is essential that you try to keep the damage to a minimum, meaning that you should do everything you can to clean any leaks you can. While emergency services are on their way, try applying plumbers tape to any leaks you can see. Cleaning up any water leaks is important because it is less work for your plumber and stops any water damage from ruining your floors, walls, and furniture.

Don’t Know? Don’t Try!

If you have no experience with plumbing and have no idea what you are doing, it is perfectly okay! Just pick up the phone and wait till your plumber arrives. If you try to repair the problem on your own with no knowledge, you can cause even more damage than before. 

No one wants to deal with a plumbing emergency, but it happens! That’s why we are here to help you and any issues you may have. Contact us anytime, night and day, for the best after-hours plumbers near Salt Lake City