No one wants to deal with slow-moving, sluggish drains. They interrupt your daily grooming and kitchen activities, then leave sinks or tubs full of grime, and toilets full of — well, you know…

Even worse is when you think you’ve solved the problem with your trusty plunger or drain snake, but whatever’s clogging up the system just keeps coming back. 

What is going on in your plumbing system?

Your friends at Whipple Service Champions can help you find the answers. We’ve been providing professional drain cleaning services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding region since 1947 — and we continue to do so during the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, we’re offering no-contact service calls throughout the Wasatch Front, by technicians who have been trained to take strict health and safety precautions.

If you’re stuck at home and fed up with persistent clogs, here are some potential causes:

  • People in the home have become careless with what they put down the drain, and too much food, hair, and grease have accumulated deep within the system.
  • Older pipes are more susceptible to clogs, due to corrosion or shifting and bending over time.
  • Plumbing vents have become plugged by debris and are no longer allowing air into the drainage system.
  • Tree roots have infiltrated your underground lines, in search of moisture, and are blocking drainage from the home.
  • A lack of regular plumbing maintenance has caught up with you — sorry; we had to add that one!

All clogs are not created equal, and some will be easier to remedy than others. You can only plunge a toilet for so long, or pour so much chemical cleaner down your drains until you realize you’re wasting time and money. Your best bet is to have a professional plumber come out and take a look. 

Not only will a trained technician be able to accurately diagnose the problem, but they’ll have the right equipment to eradicate it quickly. A video camera inspection is a great tool for spotting the source of clogs, and hydro jetting — sending a high-powered stream of water through pipes to flush out clogs — is perhaps the most effective solution. 

Hydro jetting services have many advantages over other drain-cleaning methods, as this infographic illustrates.

Whipple Service Champions offers a variety of drain cleaning services, including hydro jetting, in Salt Lake City and the surrounding region. Is that what you need to finally free yourself from those frustrating clogs? Give us a call, and let’s find out!