Air conditioning failure is the last thing you want to happen during the summer months. If your A/C has been acting up, or not performing up to par, now is the time to do some troubleshooting with a little help from the Salt Lake City air conditioning repair experts at Whipple Service Champions.

Let’s take a look at what could be going wrong.

The first thing we always ask when we get an A/C distress call is, “How old is your unit?” Unfortunately, although an air conditioner is a big investment for a homeowner, it’s not built to last forever. If you’re still getting life out of a system that’s more than 10 years old, that is fantastic. Sadly, that means your unit could be nearing the end of its expected lifespan. If it’s 15 years old, it’s living on borrowed time. 

We’re not saying you absolutely have to replace your air conditioner right now, (not by any means), but you may soon need one of our technicians to come out and inspect it for excessive wear and tear — or any of the other issues listed in this infographic.

Your air conditioner doesn’t have to be “old’ to show any of those signs. Something small like a dirty air filter can completely derail an otherwise “healthy” system. Broken systems leave you sweating in what should be the most relaxing season of the year.

If your air conditioner has suddenly stopped cooling your home, and you are sure the filter is clean, the thermostat is working, and there are no obvious electrical problems, do a quick visual inspection of the indoor and outdoor components. Is ice forming on your unit or water pooling around it? It’s time to call a professional.

Whipple Service Champions provides reliable, affordable AC tune-ups throughout the Salt Lake City area, and you can trust us to find and fix whatever’s wrong in a hurry. We’ll make sure your family can really chill out this summer season. Call us today to schedule service today!