Gold Medal Referral Program FAQ

How do I refer a friend or family member? 

Can I call in and refer a friend or family member? 

What if I forgot to fill out the form before my friend or family member purchased a system? Can I refer someone after they had a new system installed? 

  • You have 14-days from the date of installation to fill out the referral form for it to count towards your profile. You still need to fill out this form.

Does my referral have to be a new client of Whipple Service Champions? 

  • No, your referral does not have to be a new client.

What if I didn’t purchase a system from Whipple Service Champions? Can I still participate? 

  • This referral program is only for clients who purchased a heating or cooling system from Whipple Service Champions.

What counts as a referral? 

  • A referral counts when you refer a friend or family member and they purchase a full heating and cooling system. 

What are the payout breakdowns? Can you show me an example? 

  • Here’s an example based on if your system cost $10,000:
    • 1st referral – $500 
    • 2nd referral – $700
    • 3rd referral – $1,000 
    • 4th referral – $1,500 
    • 5th referral – $1,800 
    • 6th referral – $2,000 
    • 7th referral – $2,500 

What happens after I hit my 7th referral? 

  • You can still refer friends and family members. You start back over at the 1st referral payout tier and it’s still based on your original system cost. 

How often do you pay out referrals? 

  • We payout referrals once a quarter. 

Will I receive updates on what my next referral payout will be? 

  • Yes, you will receive quarterly letters/emails letting you know what your next payout will be.

Do my referrals expire? 

  • No, your referrals don’t expire. It can take you as long as you need to get 100% of your system cost back. We will keep track of everything for you. 

Why are you doing this? 

  • We would rather give you your investment back instead of spending money on advertising campaigns.