As a top plumbing company in Utah, we at Whipple Plumbing are proud to provide services to all kinds of clients around the state. One group that might have a few particular unique plumbing areas that often aren’t considered fully? Pet owners.

That’s right, pets can make a real impact on the plumbing in your home. Let’s look at how they do this, and a few tips for things you can do to avoid any issues caused by pets.

Toilet Lid

Many pets will naturally lick the toilet bowl, and this should be discouraged. The residue left from cleaners and chemicals can be harmful to you pets, and their hair can get into the toilet drain and contribute to clogs over time. Leave the toilet lid closed at all times when it’s not in use, or simply close the door to the bathroom.

Backyard Digging

If you have a dog that digs in the backyard, ensure he or she never digs too deep. Main sewer lines may be installed as shallow as 18 inches under the surface of your lawn, and these are costly repairs if your dog damages them.

Cat Litter and Toilet

Some cat litter brands claim that their products can be flushed down the toilet, but we recommend staying away from this even with these products. Only waste and toilet tissue should be flushed, as other items can easily lead to clogs.


For smaller, aged animals, make sure floor drains on the lowest level of your home are covered. These animals can make themselves very small, and may slip through floor drains.

Drain Stoppers

If you bathe a pet in the bathtub or sink, consider that their hair can damage drains. Always use a stopper or strainer to catch animal hair before it hits the drain, which will help eliminate the risk of a slow-moving drain.

Pressure Balancing Valves

Another tip when bathing pets is to get pressure balancing valves for your plumbing system. This will balance water pressure and avoid issues where the water suddenly heats up or cools down when someone else in the house turns on a fixture.

For more pet-friendly plumbing advice, or to find out what other services our plumbers can provide, speak to the pros at Whipple Plumbing today.

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