Air Conditioning & Heating in St. George, UT

Staying comfortable in your St. George home can be tough without the right HVAC system. Does your home struggle to stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter? If so, Whipple Service Champions is here to help.

Our team performs heating and cooling repair, replacement, and maintenance throughout St. George, UT. We can diagnose and resolve any issue you have with your HVAC system. With our help, your home can be comfortable all year.

Maintain your HVAC system with help from the best technicians in St. George.

Contact Whipple Service Champions to schedule the heating or cooling services you need.

Air Conditioning Services

In Utah, the summer temperatures can get into the 80s and 90s. Keep your home cool and comfortable with help from Whipple Service Champions.

We provide:

  • AC repair: We can repair your AC motor, evaporator coil, refrigeration line, and much more to ensure your system works at its best.
  • AC maintenance: Our team can inspect your AC from the inside out, looking over every part of the system and resolving minor issues before they get worse.
  • AC replacement: We can replace your old AC unit with a new, efficient one in as little as a day to ensure you’re always comfortable.

Beat the heat every day of summer. Contact Whipple Service Champions for AC services in St. George, UT.

Heating Services in St. George, UT

The winters in St. George can be cold, and you need a heater that can keep up. The team at Whipple Service Champions has the tools and talent necessary to provide every heating service you could need.

We offer:

  • Furnace repair: If your heating bills are high, your system doesn’t blow warm air, or you hear odd noises from your heater, we can inspect the system and resolve the issue.
  • Furnace maintenance: We can perform annual maintenance checks on your system, likely leading to fewer repairs, lower operational costs, and more consistent heating.
  • Furnace replacement: Our staff can remove your old heating unit and install a new system in one day, so your home stays warm and you can have peace of mind.

Stay warm all winter in St. George. Contact Whipple Service Champions today to schedule heating services.

Indoor Air Quality Services

There’s a surprising amount of dust and microbes in the air throughout most homes. Indoor air quality services can clean up these particles and provide you and your family with fresh, clean, safe air.

We can equip your HVAC system with top-grade air filters and air purification systems to help ensure you have the cleanest air possible.

Breathe easy in your own home. Contact our team today to get started on indoor air quality services.

Why Choose Whipple Service Champions?

Since 1947, Whipple Service Champions has made St. George residents comfortable in their homes. We guarantee our work, provide upfront pricing, and offer financing options to make it easy to pay.

With us on the job, you can rest easy knowing your HVAC system will be fixed correctly.

Keep your HVAC system in tiptop shape. Contact Whipple Service Champions to schedule HVAC services in St. George, UT.

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