As your go-to 24-hour plumber, we at Whipple Plumbing have years of experience with every potential plumbing issue in your home. We’ve dealt with everything from basic drain clogs to a full on overhaul of a septic system, and there’s no issue you can bring us that we can’t solve for you.

Many plumbing issues, however, can be prevented before you ever need to call professionals like us. Here are some of the basic tactics you can take around the home to ensure that it’s a long time before your next major plumbing problem.

Toilet Care

The toilet is for waste and toilet paper – nothing else. Not paper towels, napkins, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls or anything else. It’s common for many people, especially children, to assume a toilet drain can handle just about anything. In reality, a bunch of foreign items down the drain is the quickest way to generate a costly clog.

Sink and Garbage Disposal

Just like the toilet, there are certain items meant for the garbage disposal, and certain not meant for it at all. The range is a bit more flexible here: Most good garbage disposals can handle at least a decent range of food scraps or other soft items. However, they should be free of larger or thicker items, and of liquids like oil or fats, which can cause hardening in the drain. Make sure to use the garbage disposal often, as long as it’s being used correctly – failing to do so can create buildups, clogs and a foul stench.


Cleaning products are great in various plumbing areas, but be sure not to overuse them. Too many products can cause corrosion in the drain, plus can interfere with your septic tank’s operations if they build up in large enough quantities.

Outside Maintenance

If you’re working on any other part of the home, make sure to be wary of plumbing that might be in your way. Pipes are often fed behind walls, so if you’re doing any drilling or nailing, make sure you check pipe locations first to prevent creating a problem by damaging one accidentally.

Want to learn more about preventive plumbing, or any of our other plumbing solutions? Speak to the experts at Whipple Plumbing today.