Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair in Salt Lake City

Your home can quickly become unbearable if your cooling system breaks down. At Whipple Service Champions, we understand the importance of prompt AC service and are always ready to answer your call.

We can quickly repair your AC or other HVAC system to keep you and your family comfortable.

Our HVAC technicians are available to take your call. Contact Whipple Service Champions to schedule superior service and quality right away.

Professional Air Conditioning Services

Your AC system is complex, and many faults and malfunctions can result in system failure. Our HVAC technicians have the skills to inspect, install, maintain, and repair your system with ease, so you can have confidence your system is in good hands.

Our AC services in Salt Lake City include these and more:

  • Inspect fan blades and belts, electrical connections, and service valves
  • Repair pressure issues and refrigeration leaks
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Clean indoor coils and filter changes
  • Monitor fan motor voltage and amperage
  • Inspect bearings for signs of wear

Our HVAC technicians are thorough in all their work. We’re happy to recommend appropriate solutions when parts need to be replaced.

Contact Whipple Service Champions when you want superior service and quality.

Signs You Need AC Repair

Your air conditioner will indicate problems before your system fails. Common signs of impending AC failure include:

  • Diminished airflow
  • Warm air blowing through vents
  • Foul smells
  • Odd sounds
  • Inconsistent cooling

Is your AC system starting to fail? Contact Whipple Service Champions to schedule a service today.

Emergency AC Repair

AC emergencies happen, and they don’t follow a convenient schedule. When your air conditioning system malfunctions, look out for the signs you may have an emergency:

  • Smoke is coming from the unit.
  • The system won’t power on or off.
  • The system’s not working and temperatures are spiking.
  • The unit is sparking.
  • Unusual or loud noises are coming from the AC.

Don’t hesitate to call when you notice any of these signs.

To schedule reliable emergency air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City, contact Whipple Service Champions right away.

The Whipple Advantage

When you trust Whipple Service Champions with your comfort, you’ll always receive:

  • Reliable warranties on parts and service
  • Fair, upfront pricing
  • No hidden fees or surprise charges
  • Emergency service
  • Dedicated, carefully chosen professionals
  • Exceptional service

Choose Whipple Service Champions

The team at Whipple Service Champions is here for all your air conditioning needs in Salt Lake City. We’re dedicated to providing superior service and exceptional work to our clients in the community.

Whether you need repairs or maintenance, you can always depend on our team to deliver reliable results.

Contact Whipple Service Champions for more information or to schedule an appointment for your Salt Lake City home.

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Frequently Asked Questions About AC Systems


The most common cause is a clogged condensate drain line. This problem can usually be resolved by clearing the drain line of any dust, dirt, or sludge.

Older air conditioners may provide around 10 to 12 years of reliable operation. More modern systems are designed to provide between 15 and 20 years of service. The older your system, the less efficiently and less reliably it will operate. That’s why we recommend replacing an older system before it results in a sudden, unexpected failure.

As R-22 refrigerant supplies run down, it’s getting increasingly difficult and costly to recharge an R-22 system. Plus, adding another type of refrigerant to an R-22 system isn’t possible. Systems can’t be converted to another type of refrigerant, either.

We increasingly recommend replacing older systems that use R-22 with new, more eco-friendly, and energy-efficient options.