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Electrical Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Your home’s electrical system isn’t something you should work on yourself. At Whipple Service Champions, we offer a full range of electrical services for homeowners in Salt Lake City from a team of licensed electricians who know their stuff well.

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Our Electrical Services

At Whipple Service Champions, we offer a full list of electrical services from a team of skilled electricians. You can count on us for:

For any of these electrical services in Salt Lake City, count on Whipple Service Champions.

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Home Standby Generators

One of our most popular services is the home standby generator service. Home standby generators provide a power source when the power goes out. As the power grid in the country ages, this will be increasingly common, and you can be confident you’ll never be without power when you have a standby generator.

Home standby generators connect directly to the electrical system in your home. They start as soon as the electricity goes out, so you can always be confident you’ll have power when you need it.

Power outages are always unexpected, and they can cost you significantly with wasted food, lost productivity, and decreased comfort in your home. A home standby generator gives you access to power when you need it, protecting your home and its contents.

Do you need a home standby generator? Contact us today, and our team can install it for you.

Electrical Safety & Preventative Maintenance

At Whipple Service Champions, safety is a top priority at all times. Electrical safety means home electrical work should be done with the help of a licensed electrician and never on your own. We also want you to understand the benefits of preventive maintenance in keeping your home’s electrical systems safe.

We can help you set up a maintenance plan that will protect you and your home, from regular inspections to cleaning properly around electrical devices, outlets, and switches.

Contact us today to learn more about electrical safety and maintenance from our experienced electrical team.

Why Choose Whipple Service Champions for Electrical Services?

Whipple Service Champions provides the best electricians in Salt Lake City. Our experienced team can handle a wide range of problems, and we respond quickly when you have an issue. Our team members receive extensive training, so you can have peace of mind when you call us for service.

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Electrical FAQs

Is it safe to do my own electrical work?

No! Electrical work should always be done with a skilled, licensed electrician. There are too many risks to DIY work that put you in danger of electrocution or an electrical fire in your home.

What are some signs that I need electrical repair?

If you’re noticing these issues, you should call an electrician for electrical repair: 

  • Lights flicker and dim
  • Burning smells coming from switches and outlets
  • Outlets or switches feel hot to the touch
  • Sparks coming from any electrical source

Schedule electrical repair immediately if you see these issues.

Do I need a standby generator?

Electrical outages can cause hundreds of dollars of damage, and they can happen without warning. If you want to protect your home, investing in a standby generator is an excellent solution. 


When you experience untimely interruptions or start seeing electrical delivery issues in some areas of your property, Whipple Service Champions’ electricians from Salt Lake City will get it working again as soon as possible.

Electricity is essential to daily life, powering the modern conveniences we use and enjoy. We’ll ensure you never have to worry about this part of your household.

We provide electrical service throughout Utah: Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, and across the Wasatch Front. Our electricians fix wiring issues, repair a variety of electrical problems, and install panels, circuits, meters, and surge protection.

We guarantee we’ll provide satisfying electrical work, no matter the severity of the job.


Electrical work is dangerous and complicated. We urge you to call our electricians because they’re the most qualified people to handle electrical problems. Through our strict hiring practices, our people are not just capable; they’re some of the best in the field.

Our electricians receive over 100 hours of training each year; they undergo background checks and drug testing and have substantial experience in electrical work. No electricians in Salt Lake City are more qualified to fix the electrical problems in your home.


Check out these reviews from Google about our heating services!

Ben Allred★★★★★ “I had a big job with quite a few things that needed doing (install exterior lights, wiring a breaker, a few new receptacles, etc.). Within a couple days, Whipple was able to send out an electrician who started the work immediately. Kasey Shaw was the electrician and we found him to be extremely professional and friendly. He completed the work well and we’re happy with the results. We would recommend Kasey and Whipple. We will definitely use them for any future electric needs we may have.”

Alex Hyer ★★★★★ “I just had an outlet installed on a new circuit by Zach M. I’m working a certificate that involves some electrician work soon so I asked if I could watch. He did a great job walking me through everything he was doing and explaining electrical safety. Furthermore, he was great about showing me options within my budget and wasn’t pushy at all. 10/10 customer service and I’ll be looking to Whipple for future electrical needs.”


Our electricians raise the bar of service quality and customer satisfaction. You can call us for the smallest or most complicated electrical work, and we’ll do it right.

We provide the best wiring services in Salt Lake City. Our process involves wiring inspection to determine if rewiring, repairing, or both are needed to fix the problem. We can fix the wiring across your home and install lighting fixtures, breakers, and more.

For electrical repairs, call us even if it’s a small problem. It only takes one wrong move for an electrical problem, such as a faulty outlet, electric shocks, and flickering lights, to get worse. But it takes one qualified electrician to fix all electric issues. Let us handle it.

Also, if your appliances aren’t running at full power or your fuses are blowing often, you may need a new electrical panel.

Call Whipple Service Champions today for the most qualified electricians and the fastest electrical service in Salt Lake City.

We guarantee results, provide warranty-backed work, and offer upfront prices.

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Home Electrical Installation

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