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Electrical Installation Service SLC

Leave all your electrical needs to us. Whipple Service Champions provides a comprehensive range of professional electrical services in Salt Lake City. It operates in Ogden, Provo, and across the entire Wasatch Front. For years, our company has been repairing electrical systems and you can expect us to continue raising the bar in terms of service standards and customer satisfaction.

The Best Service

Every time you call a Whipple Service Champion, you can expect fast, quality service from our highly skilled and experienced staff. We hire only the best electricians in Salt Lake City, making sure that any electrical wiring, repair, or installation job for residential properties in Salt Lake City gets done right.

The Best People

In addition to providing thousands of clients in Utah with quality electrical services, Whipple Service Champions also brings peace of mind to clients because of its strict hiring practices, ensuring quality and safe service all the time. Our technicians undergo 100+ hours of training each year, as well as background checks and drug testing.


When you experience untimely interruptions or begin seeing electrical delivery issues in some areas of your property, Whipple Service Champions’ electricians from Salt Lake City will get it back working as soon as possible. Electricity is an essential component of daily life, powering the modern conveniences we use and enjoy. We will ensure that you never have to worry about this part of your household.

We provide electrical service throughout Utah: Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, and across the Wasatch Front. Our electricians fix wiring issues, repair a variety of electrical problems, and install panels, circuits, meters, and surge protection.

We guarantee we’ll provide satisfying electrical work, no matter the severity of the job.


Electrical work is dangerous and complicated. We urge you to call our electricians because they are the most qualified people to handle electrical problems. And through Whipple’s strict hiring practices, our people are not just capable; they’re some of the best in the field.

Our electricians receive more than 100 hours of training each year; they undergo background checks and drug testing, in addition to having substantial experience in electrical work. No electricians in Salt Lake City are more qualified to fix the electrical problems in your home.


Our electricians raise the bar of service quality and customer satisfaction. You can call us for the smallest or most complicated electrical work, and we will do it right.

We provide the best wiring services in Salt Lake City. Our process involves wiring inspection to determine if rewiring, repairing, or both are needed to fix the problem. We can fix the wiring across your home, and install lighting fixtures, breakers, and more.

For electrical repairs, call us even if it’s a small problem. It only takes one wrong move for an electrical problem, such as a faulty outlet, electric shocks, and flickering lights, to get worse. But it takes one qualified electrician to fix all electric issues. Let us handle it.

Also, if your appliances aren’t running at full power or your fuses are blowing up often, you may need a new electrical panel.

Call Whipple Service Champions today for the most qualified electricians and the fastest electrical service in Salt Lake City. We guarantee results, provide warranty-backed work, and offer upfront prices.

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