Electrical Code Corrections

Electrical Code Corrections in Salt Lake City, UT

Compliance with local electrical codes and regulations can take time and effort. Whenever your home or business has a violation, it’s your responsibility to get the problem corrected. If not, you risk safety issues, fines, insurance coverage problems, and regulatory enforcement.

The electricians at Whipple Service Champions have comprehensive training and extensive experience with electrical codes in the Salt Lake City area. If you have a code compliance issue to be corrected, we can get it done for you quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

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Signs You Need Electrical Code Correction Services

Electrical code corrections begin with electrical inspections conducted by qualified professional electricians. These inspections identify risks and code violations and allow the inspector to develop a repair plan.

You’ll need inspections and/or repairs if:

  • It’s been a long time since the last electrical inspection.
  • You’re preparing for improvements to home energy efficiency.
  • You’ve recently made home improvements.
  • Your electrical system exhibits safety or performance problems.
  • Your insurance company requires evidence showing code compliance.
  • Yours is an older home.

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How Our Electrical Code Corrections Can Improve Your Electrical Systems

Code correction repairs can involve a variety of fixes. These may include:

  • Upgrading wiring
  • Replacing electrical panels
  • Enhanced grounding
  • Knob and tube wiring
  • Installation of new lights on old wiring
  • Wire overcrowding
  • Correction of illegal splices

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What Electrical Code Correction Includes

First, the professionals at Whipple Service Champions conduct a complete electrical inspection of your building or plan. We’ll assess all circuits and wiring.

We’ll check for problems and recommend the appropriate upgrades and repairs. After repairs are completed, we’ll also test to ensure your electrical system operates optimally.

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Why Choose Whipple Service Champions?

Our Whipple Service Champions are simply the best electricians in the Salt Lake City area. They handle the broadest range of electrical services, providing outstanding work and superior customer service every time.

Our technicians receive over 100 hours of training annually, so you can get the latest methods to address your electrical needs.

Our electricians are fully drug-tested and background-checked and have a common commitment to an excellent customer experience.

Our customers can depend on our upfront pricing for quality work that’s fully insured and warrantied. When it comes to results, our final product is done to code or better.

Contact Whipple Service Champions to learn more about electrical code correction services in the Salt Lake City area.

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