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Reliable electricity is the key to the modern comfort, convenience, and safety you enjoy. At Whipple Service Champions, our licensed and insured electricians provide a full range of electrical services you can depend on.

When you need electrical installation, maintenance, or repair in Sandy, UT, rely on our highly trained professionals’ expertise, attention to detail, and dedication.

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Our Electrical Services

The electricians at Whipple Service Champions offer a comprehensive range of residential electrical services. We adhere to strict safety and quality standards and always provide the cost-effective, reliable service you deserve.

You can depend on our team for these and more:

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Home Standby Generators

Standby generators are essential for homeowners. Our home standby generator service ensures you have the power you need when the grid fails.

As utility infrastructure ages and storms become harsher, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to ensure you always have the power required to keep your lights, security systems, appliances, and HVAC systems operational.

Are you considering purchasing a home standby generator?

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Electrical Safety & Preventative Maintenance

The safety of your electrical systems is our top priority. Our electricians have the expertise and experience to service and maintain your home’s wiring, electrical panels, outlets, lights, and other electrical systems.

Our thorough inspections and attention to detail will keep your systems in prime condition.

We customize our electrical inspections and maintenance plans to meet your needs so you can enjoy superior protection against fire, electrocution, power surges, and other hazards that can harm your health or your home.

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Why Choose Whipple Service Champions?

The electricians at Whipple Service Champions proudly offer a full range of electrical services to residents of Sandy, UT. When you need electrical installation, maintenance, or repair, you can rely on us to provide the prompt service and effective solutions you need.

Our team members complete extensive training each year that ensures we have the up-to-date skills and expertise to properly service the systems in your home.

When you need reliable electrical solutions in Sandy, UT, contact Whipple Service Champions to schedule electrical service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my outlets sparking?

Sparking can occur when the outlet is overloaded. It can also indicate the outlet is worn out or was improperly installed.

What are the hazards of outdated wiring?

Most electrical wiring can last between 50 and 70 years. However, the problem isn’t necessarily the wiring. It’s the insulation or protective sheathing covering the wire, as this can wear out much sooner.

If you have outdated or damaged wiring, you may find that lights flicker, outlets spark, switches fail, and more. More concerning, you can experience arcing and other issues that can cause fires or electrocution.

How often should a standby generator undergo service?

It depends on the generator and the manufacturer’s recommendations, but a good rule of thumb is every six to 12 months or after every 500 hours of operation.

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