Electric Vehicle Charger

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Salt Lake City

So you’ve finally made the switch and purchased that electric vehicle you’ve always wanted. It looks great in your driveway, and going to the pump is a thing of the past, yet you don’t want to be plugging your brand new car into the old extension cord lying on the floor of the garage! Now what? Well, Whipple Service Champions has the solution for you. With a professionally installed EV home charger, you’ll be able to hook up your car for convenient and fast charging. 

EV home chargers are specifically designed for today’s modern electrical vehicles. There’s no fuss when it comes to connecting your car to your home’s power supply. A professionally installed EV home charge offers the safest way for you to keep your car charged and ready for the open roads.

EV Home Chargers for Your Electric Vehicle

The convenience of an EV home charger can not be overstated. Typically, a Level 2 charger will take approximately six hours to charge an electric vehicle completely. If your electric car has a low battery and needs a charge for a weekend trip to visit family or friends, you’ll have to take your vehicle to a public charging station if you don’t own an EV home charger. Imagine the inconvenience of having to travel to a public location to charge your car for six hours before any type of trip? With an EV home charger installed by the Whipple team, you’ll be resting quietly as your car charges overnight for the next day’s journey.

EV Wall Charging Units

With a high-quality EV wall charging unit, you have the convenience and safety of charging your car at home using the residential electrical system. Streamlined charging is essential to maintaining a sufficient charge for your vehicle’s battery. Why go to the trouble of buying an electric car only to constantly struggle to find a Level 2 charger for it? An EV wall charging unit enables you to quickly hook up your car and forget about it while it charges for the next day.

High-Quality Tesla Wall Chargers in Salt Lake City

Tesla has established itself as the global leader in electric car manufacturing. This brainchild of Elon Musk has built a reputation for producing high-quality electric vehicles for consumers. Renowned for their long-lasting battery, Tesla cars are showing up everywhere now, and the company has become a viable competitor against traditional car companies.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Tesla Wall Charging Unit

If you’re the proud owner of a Tesla vehicle, you want the best for your transportation investment. Why waste valuable time searching for a public charging station or taking a chance plugging your car into a standard outlet? With a Tesla wall charger installed by Whipple, you’ll be able to charge your Tesla in your home’s garage!

Charging Into the 21st Century With Whipple Service Champions!

If you’ve recently invested in an electric vehicle and need an EV home charger to power your car, contact the experts in home electrical services, Whipple Service Champions. Check out our special offers and experience the benefits of using an established electrical contractor to install your EV home charger

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our EV charging experts today

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