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Video Drain Line Inspection

Video Drain Line Inspection in Salt Lake City

Whipple Service Champions provides video drain line inspection to eliminate guesswork in matters regarding your pipes. Through this technology, it’s now possible to look inside your pipes. This can serve in different applications, from identifying the real source of drain clogs to inspecting the plumbing system.

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in plumbing matters, and they know what to look for in a video inspection. But more importantly, you’ll be able to pinpoint the source of the problem and have it fixed.

There’s no better way to look into the network of pipes under your house. No more digging up your yard blindly, no more tearing out your drains before having a solution.


You can call for Whipple’s video drain line inspection for a variety of situations. We’ll gladly help out in any way we can.

The pipes are one of the most critical and the most ignored parts when buying a property. After all, evaluating the plumbing situation is easier said than done. As such, if you need to bring in a professional, you can’t go wrong with Whipple Service Champions. Our technicians will give you the lowdown on your prospective property’s piping network.

If you need professionally-backed evidence for your insurance claim report, we can help as well. Video inspection is a valuable tool to produce proof that the damage to your plumbing is real.

Video inspection can also be a part of preventative maintenance for plumbing. It can help us identify if there’s any lingering clog, tree root, or leak in the pipes. We can also diagnose the pipes’ condition in the process.

Whipple is ready to assist anytime. Whether it’s for plumbing remodel, repair, or other relevant assistance, our technicians are there for you. Also, we provide upfront pricing for any job.

You only pay for the work done, and nothing more.

Call us today for video drain line inspection. We will provide you with accurate information and a clearer picture of your piping network’s condition.

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