Home Standby Generators in Salt Lake City

Unpredictable weather and an aging power grid have led to an increase in the frequency and duration of power outages across the country. As we’ve recently seen, it is not uncommon for an area to lose power for several days before the electric company can restore it. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have the equipment necessary to keep the lights on. One way you can ensure reliable power is through the addition of a standby generator to your home.

Standby generators are connected directly to your home’s electrical system. Unlike portable generators, standby generators detect a power outage automatically and start-up seconds after the loss of electricity. With a Generac generator for your home, you’ll never have to worry about the lights going out again!

Backup Power Generators Help Keep Your Lights On!

Having a backup home generator installed at your residence is the best way to protect your home during a blackout. Whether a severe storm has gone through the area or another problem has led to an outage, you’ll know your Generac generator is hard at work making sure the food is cold, the lights are on, and your security system is up and running.

The Generac Guardian Series generators are the ultimate product in standby power supply. Built tough and able to handle the power needs of your home, a Guardian home generator connects to your existing LP or natural gas fuel supply. If a power outage is detected, this backup unit will automatically turn on in seconds and run as long as needed until the power grid is restored.

Affordable Home Generators

Portable generators have risen in popularity in recent years yet have many drawbacks if you’re using one to power your home. Typically, power ratings for portable generators lack sufficient generation capacity to power multiple appliances and electrical components of your home. A portable generator is not automatic and requires set-up before being able to run. That means you’ll be out in bad weather messing with electricity when you should be inside the safety of your home!

The Generac 7.5 kW Powerpact Series is a great way to keep your home’s power running affordably and effectively. This automatic alternative to a portable generator incorporates many of the outstanding features of the Guardian series yet remains one of the most affordable standby generators on the market. This unit operates quietly and will protect your home’s most essential circuits, like kitchen appliances, well pumps, and lights. Since this standby generator is automatic, there is no need to manually set up the unit or run electrical cords to the home during bad weather.

High-Quality Generac Generators From Whipple Service Champions

Generac is a leading manufacturer of standby home generators. Renowned for its reliability and ability to handle almost any situation, Generac has set the standard for backup power generation. Whipple Service Champions is proud to partner with Generac to provide our customers peace of mind and a sense of security when the lights go out!

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