No matter what time of year it is, in a crazy climate zone like Utah, you need a furnace that’s functioning effectively. You never know when you might need it, and at Whipple Plumbing, we offer on-time furnace repair and service for you and your family.

Before any major furnace repairs are needed, you can get out ahead of several minor issues yourself if you so desire. Here are a few simple areas to check for your filter that can help maintain it over time.

Air Filter

Furnace air filters are designed specifically to trap in dust, lint and other possible contaminants before they enter the furnace itself. But over time, they can collect large enough amounts of debris that they need to be changed periodically. For most standard furnaces, this should be done about once every six months.

In most cases, the filter will be located in one of two places: Either inside the blower door, or between the blower and the return air duct. Replacing a filter is typically very easy, and filters for all sizes of furnace are available at basic home improvement stores.

Blower, Pulleys, Belts

Some debris may still sneak through the filter at times, ad this means it’s important to check out a few of the important inside elements of the furnace. Check the blower assembly, the pulleys and the belts while you’re replacing the filter. In some cases, you may have to remove the basic covering panel over the filter, or slide out the fan unit.

Staying Safe

Through these basic maintenance elements, take special care. Make sure you turn off all power to the system through the furnace’s circuit, especially if you’re doing anything more than just changing the filter. If the smell of gas becomes present at any point, stop working immediately, call us at Whipple right away, and then vacate the house until we arrive to identify the problem.

Professional Inspection

In the above case and certain others, you won’t be able to complete certain furnace repairs without a licensed professional. Spring is the perfect time of year to get the furnace checked – it’s the end of the major heating season, and you can double up and get a basic HVAC inspection during the same appointment.

To learn more about furnace repair or to schedule an appointment, speak with the customer service representatives at Whipple Plumbing today.

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