Bio-Clean: The Only Way to Maintain Your Drains Flowing Freely

“The Bio-Solution for Filthy Plumbing”

There is no need to use poisonous drain cleaners anymore. Eliminating residue that has accumulated over the years, Bio-Clean gets the job done safe and more effectively.

Working through biological means to eliminate clogs and build up completely, Bio-Clean is the answer for environmentally friendly plumbing solutions. Using only the best ingredients from nature, breaking down whatever lies in the way is simple. The bacterium found in our product eats its way through everything in your plumbing except for the pipe itself. Bio-clean actually turns to liquid hair, waste, grease, and food. Using it on a regular basis has been found to keep pipes completely clean and trouble free.

Plumbing products that have chemicals are caustic and can only burn a temporary hole through the blockage, rather than taking it out altogether. The burning effect is also terrible on the life of your plumbing and will eventually cause other problems.

You cannot buy Bio-Clean in any store as it is only available through licensed contractors. Call us today or ask us when we are in your home about this exciting solution for your dirty plumbing.

Many Applications for Bio-Clean:
Do you have a septic system? Bio-Clean can save you money because you won’t have to pump as often. It also prevents drain field problems. It works like a dream as a starter for newer tanks. Drain fields that have been exhausted can be bolstered and made like new again.

“How about garbage disposals?” Good question! When food is stuck in your pipes for too long, they can smell pretty ripe. Bio-clean can get rid of all that and the actual food items that are the source of the problem. It will eat away all the food and not harm any parts of your garbage disposal.

Bio-Clean is great for RV & Boat Holding Tanks to not only deodorize, but liquefies the sources. Bio-Clean is the safest way to go.

Cat litter boxes often get very filthy. With the help of Bio-Clean, your cat box will smell better than clean laundry.