As far as home plumbing issues go, clogged drains are near the top of the list. They’re some of the most common issues out there, and at Whipple Plumbing, our drain cleaning services will get your system cleaned out and good as new for an affordable rate.

There are several drain clog issues you can manage from home, but there are also several vital mistakes many people make while trying to manage these issues. Let’s look into these common errors, and how you can avoid them and emphasize the proper practices.


Early detection is the primary combatant you have against harmful drain clogs, but many people don’t pay nearly enough attention. They often don’t ever check drains or fixtures unless a new clog takes place, or unless they start smelling a negative odor.

Be more proactive than this where you can. Set aside a date to run a quick set of drain checks, perhaps once a month or so. Check every drain for water flow, odors and any discoloration on visible pipes that might signal corrosion. On top of this, have our Whipple experts come out and give you a professional inspection once a year.


There are certain chemical drain cleaners that can help solve a small drain clog issue, but overdoing it here can lead to severe problems and much more expensive fixes. These cleaners use harsh chemicals, and these can eat away at drain pipes as well as the clog they’re attempting to clear up. Rather than relying on these, it’s recommended that you us a plunger, drain snake or hydro-jetting format.


While it’s tempting to create a handy tool to help clean out the drain, this kind of thing should be avoided. Just pushing the clog down often makes it worse, for starters, and you risk full-on breaking the pipe if you hit it too hard. Use tools specifically designed for this, or have our pros show you how.

For more information on home drain cleaning solutions, or to find out about any of our plumbing services, speak to the experts at Whipple Plumbing.

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