As much as we’d love to shed our winter clothes, break out of hiding in our homes and bask in the sun, spring has not officially arrived here in the Salt Lake City area. However, we know it’s coming right around the corner, and when it does, we want you to be prepared.

Switching from heating to cooling is a bit like transitioning between wardrobes. The spring/summer clothes you packed away in boxes or shoved in drawers for four or five months need a little TLC — as in, there are literal wrinkles to be ironed out — before you can wear them. So it goes with HVAC systems. 

Here are a few essential steps to take while preparing for a new season.

Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit — Several months’ worth of winter weather has no doubt left its mark on your property, including your outdoor AC unit. From mud to broken tree branches to dead plants, anything that has built up around the unit needs to be cleared away. 

Check the Thermostat — Before fully revving up the cooling system for the spring season, try a test run, and make sure the thermostat is properly adjusting the temperature. Now would be a good time to upgrade to an energy-efficient smart thermostat if you haven’t already!

Change Filters and Clean Vents — You’ve been cooped up indoors for several months, and there’s a good chance your indoor air quality has suffered as a result. Dust, pet dander, and other allergens have been floating around, and with the heating system running constantly, your ducts and vents could use a good spring cleaning. You definitely don’t want to start up the air conditioner without a fresh air filter, either!

Schedule a Professional Inspection — Don’t want to do any of the above yourself? Find a local HVAC company that provides thorough AC inspections and air purification services in Salt Lake City. A pro knows where and what to check to make sure your system is efficient and clean. They also know how to spot trouble before it starts and recommend repairs.

To make sure no detail goes unaddressed in your seasonal HVAC inspection, from the shape of your AC unit to the quality of your indoor air, call Salt Lake City’s top heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical company. That would be us! We’ve listed a few of our credentials in this colorful infographic. 

Hit the ground running this spring with a fully functioning cooling and ventilation system — and a comfortable home environment — by calling Whipple Service Champions for an air quality or air conditioning inspection anywhere in the Salt Lake City area. Of course, we’re still here to help you get through what’s left of winter, so contact us for all your heating repair and maintenance needs, as well!