At Whipple Service Champions, we’re proud to be your top source in Utah for furnace installation, repair, and other furnace-related services. We know how vital these services are at this time of year, and our experts are available any time of day to help with your needs.

If you’re considering new furnace installation, or even just preparing a few years out, there are a few important questions you might be asking. Here are some good answers.

When is it Time?

The first big question here? When is it actually time to replace my furnace? Here are a few benchmarks:

  • If your furnace is approaching the 15-year mark in age, which is the common limit for most models. This is especially useful if your furnace has received plenty of usage over these years.
  • If your furnace has suffered multiple recent breakdowns, this is another sign. Most models break down more often during the last two years of their service life.
  • Sizing: If you find that your furnace is costing you far more on energy bills than it should, your furnace might be sized incorrectly. Replacing it can save major costs.

How Much Will it Cost?

Installation costs for a new furnace will vary from one home to another, and from one furnace model to another. The national average cost for furnace installation is about $4,000, but this can vary based on the fuel source, the energy efficiency, and the capacity of the system. Also playing a big role in whether or not your home needs a new duct system or new air sealing – these can increase costs.

How Can I Prepare?

There are a couple of things you can do to prepare in advance for a furnace installation:

  • Prep the area: Once you’ve scheduled installation, clear out the area for our furnace installers. Make sure items are clear for at least six feet in all directions.
  • Research equipment: Consider your home’s needs and the systems that will fill them best. Our experts can help point you in the right direction here.

For more on furnace installation or any of our other plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the pros at Whipple Service Champions today.

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