Within the world of home ownership, a do-it-yourself attitude is a great approach to take in many areas. You can save yourself money and time on things you can handle yourself, plus widen your body of knowledge and challenge yourself.

There are a few items which should generally be left to professionals, though, and certain heating and air repairs are among these. At Whipple Plumbing, we’re here to service all your furnace repairs and other heating or cooling needs. We keep you protected from some of the risk associated with certain home repairs – let’s look at these risks, and why you should leave them to us unless you’re highly trained.

Carbon Monoxide

When attempting to repair issues with a furnace, carbon monoxide can become a real risk. It’s a colorless and odorless gas that you won’t be able to pick up using your natural senses, and it can cause major health defects.

Some furnace issues relate directly to leaking carbon monoxide, or cracked heat exchangers which might be causing it. Not only should you be sure to have up-to-date carbon monoxide sensors in the home, you should avoid attempting complex furnace repairs without a professional’s assistance.

Fire Risk

If there’s high heat energy, there’s the potential for a fire. All heating systems have at least some fire risk associated with them, whether it’s faulty wiring or fuel-related issues. If you smell gas, don’t begin messing with gas lines or electrical wiring – this can make the issue worse, or put you at direct safety risk. Evacuate the house and pets, and refrain from using electronics until you’ve brought in a Whipple Plumbing professional to assess the source of the issue.

Refrigerant Leaks

For houses with heat pumps, refrigerant will be involved in both heating and cooling. Leaks of refrigerant can cause everything from dizziness to asphyxia and other respiratory issues, and you risk this if you attempt to make air conditioning or other heating or cooling repairs. You also might void the warranty on your system.

For more information on proper home repairs or any element of our plumbing or air services, speak to the experts at Whipple Plumbing today.

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