If you’re considering a new air conditioning unit, the air conditioner installers at Whipple Service Champions are here to help. We’ll assist you with everything from removing your old unit to installing the new one, with pros on hand who can help you find the perfect unit for your home.

This last item is very important – an air conditioner that’s the wrong size for your home can cause significant issues, from utility bill considerations to damaging of important parts. Here are some of the issues with undersized or oversized air conditioning units, plus how to ensure you have the right range for your new system.

Problems With Undersized Units

In some cases, homeowners mistakenly allow an AC unit that’s far too small to be installed in their home. Generally, this will lead to issues of capacity: The unit will have to run almost constantly to try and keep up with your thermostat settings, and even then it will likely fall behind.

Not only will this limit the cooling and comfort you receive, but it will also badly wear down various components of the air conditioning system far faster than this should happen naturally. So on top of paying much higher energy costs to not even get the same level of cooling, you’re likely looking at replacing the unit again years before you would with a properly-sized unit.

Problems With Oversized Units

With oversized models, on the other hand, you risk cycling on and off too often. This is because it takes the AC less time to cool a given area – this may seem good at first, but it also results in uncomfortable humidity levels due to the fact that this speedy cooling doesn’t allow the unit time to pull all the moisture out of the air. So not only will repeated cycles wear down your system faster than desired, your rooms will still be uncomfortable to be inside.

Finding the Proper Size Range

To find the right size range for your home, you need to calculate the square footage of the space, the insulation, how much sun you get, and the number of floors you have. All these factors will come together to form a single number expressed as “load,” which is measured in BTUs per hour. This is one area where our experienced pros can be of the highest service – we know exactly how to determine load and match your home with the proper system.

To learn more about issues with undersized or oversized AC units, or for any information about air conditioning installation or repair, speak to the pros at Whipple Service Champions today.