We all want to avoid costly plumbing repairs, and one of the big kahunas in this field is a main sewer line clog. These are some of the most severe issues we handle at Whipple – a sewer line clog can lead to major issues both within the house and within pipes in the yard, which can cause incredibly costly damage.

Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that you might be in for a sewer line clog, and proper diligence here can keep you from the most costly and time-consuming elements of the process. Let’s look at a few common signs your home might be experiencing a major clog.

Clogged Drain

Clogs within the home are the most common sign of a larger issue with your main sewer line. You might start to see water backing up from your shower or other major drains, often accompanied by a gurgling sound or bits of debris.

Many people say this sounds like a coffee pot, and in many cases it will be accompanied by water pooling around drains in the basement (or the lowest floor in the home). There are secondary sewage lines in many homes, and the issues can be taking place either there or in the main sewer line (you hope for the former).

Clogged Toilet

The toilet can also clog up as a preliminary sign of a clog, and the way these water areas in the house connect is another telltale sign. You may finish using the washing machine, and then suddenly notice that the toilets or shower drains started acting up. All these individual lines connect to the main sewer line, and a clog can cause balancing issues all across the system.

Tree Roots

In many cases, intrusive tree roots are the primary cause of a sewage backup. There are times where this will be visible, or where water begins leaking up in your yard as a strong sign that issues are taking place. Within the home, slow flowing drains and gurgling noises are the most common signs that tree roots are blocking sewage lines. Tree root blockages will almost always require removal before your line becomes completely blocked.

Want to learn more? At Whipple, we’re experts in everything from drain cleaning to sewage clogs, and our experts are standing by to assist you today.

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