Electricity is important to a home or business in the same way blood is important to your body. This resource provides the energy necessary to power just about every related device you use for professional, social, and life-sustaining activities. A residential electrical system is a complex series of diverse components. One primary element is known as the electrical panel.

The electrical panel, which is sometimes also referred to as the distribution board and the load center, is the central location where power is fed to various wires and circuitry throughout a residence or building. These features also contain crucial elements known as circuit breakers, which safeguard against electrical overload.

Signs Electrical Panels Might Need Changing

Typically, load centers installed by a reputable, skilled, and experienced electrical repair servicemen will remain in good working order anywhere from four to six decades. That said, like any other item, distribution boards may eventually require replacing. This is especially true if you notice any of the following signs:

Unusual Odors

The presence of burning odors offering no apparent cause could indicate an electrical issue. Such occurrences may indicate circuit overloading or the burgeoning of electrical fires. Regardless, these events should warrant immediate investigation by an electrical professional.

Frequent Sparking

Occasional electrical sparks emanating from outlets are relatively normal. However, repeated incidents could suggest an electrical panel issue. Oftentimes, this is accelerated by faulty or tiring circuitry or electrical overload. Moreover, sockets that are unusually warm might indicate similar problems.

Tripped Breakers

It is important to watch out for popped or tripped breakers. This is not normal at any time and typically implies circuit overload or an aging network. Furthermore, the panel might make clicking or crackling noises. Industry insiders maintain that either instance almost guarantees the panel needs upgrading.

Rusted Electrical Components

Rusty panels are a major cause for concern. Professional electricians stress that this usually means water has penetrated inside the distribution board. Water is an electrical conductor and can quickly precipitate overloads that may yield sparking or even fires.

Burning Along the Panel

Burn marks or stains appearing along the panel indicates the presence of excessive heat, a potentially dangerous condition known as arcing, or that small fires have occurred. Smaller fires eventually lead to larger infernos. Therefore, any signs of burning should be brought to an electrician’s attention immediately.

Bad Wiring

The installation of electrical wiring is a complicated and time-consuming process. As you could guess, most electrical fires are caused by circuitry that was just improperly wired or is not up to established safety standards. Faulty circuits significantly increase a home’s chances of experiencing electrical problems or even fatal fires. Therefore, any of the preceding problems could be the result of poor wiring and should be thoroughly examined by an experienced electrical repair service.

Contacting Whipple

If your home faces any of the problems above, you may need an electrical power upgrade. Whipple Service Champions employs highly trained electricians capable of performing needed repairs or replacements. We are here to help!

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