Here are some simple tips to save energy and money on your home this winter.

1.       Seal Leaks
Check areas around light fixtures, doors, chimneys, windows and outlets for air leaks.  If you notice a cool breeze coming out, it is simple to weather strip or caulk these areas.  You can also purchase foam lining that can be installed behind your light switches and outlets to save energy.

2.       Furnace Filter
Make sure to check your filter once a month and replace it if it is dirty.  It is important to know that central air uses this same filter in the summer heat so it is a good idea to get into the routine of checking it regularly.

3.       Programmable Thermostat
Programmable thermostats can save homeowners a ton of money!  They will reduce the amount of energy that is put out at night time and when you aren’t home and warm your home up automatically before you wake up or return home from work.  These are nice because you don’t have to constantly change your temperature.

4.        Adding Insulation
Any walls or ceilings that are facing outside should have plenty of insulation.  It is important to get these areas checked to ensure that they have the proper insulation.  This will keep the warm air inside of your house and keep the cold air out.

5.       Insulate your Pipes
Since Utah’s weather can get extremely cold, insulating your water pipes will keep them from freezing. This will help them from possible cracking and causing great damage to your home.

6.       Replace your Furnace
A high-efficiency furnace can dramatically reduce the amount of fuel you will use this winter.  It is important that you get a furnace that is the correct size for your home, so there isn’t any wasted energy.  It is also important that you get a system that is energy star rated.

These improvements can save you energy and money!  If these are implemented, you can start seeing a difference immediately.  For more information on how to weatherize your home, visit and check out this video that shows just how easy it is.